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Despite the ubiquitous access to almost everything, in the crowd we feel often lost and overwhelmed before making a choice. Because of this fact, we created 4 comprehensively acting preparations, which are the basis for the daily care of the male facial skin.

  • 1) Face and beard gel – black, non-coloring gel with the consistency of engine oil, contains active carbon. It has cleansing, nurturing and nourishing properties. It normalizes sebaceous glands, has antibacterial and nourishing effect on the skin and hair. It leaves the skin refreshed, dulled and moisturized.More here
  • 2) Day cream – a combination of protection and care. Despite containing sunscreens, it does not create white streaks on the skin and absorbs quickly, leaving the skin dull and moisturized. More here
  • 3) Night cream – it is a real nutritional – moisturizing bomb, which regenerates the skin after a whole day. It is a perfect preparation for men who want to provide the skin a concentrated and effective dose of active substances. More here
  • 4) Eye cream – quickly absorbing preparation. It reduces wrinkles, prevents swelling and shadows under the eyes. Used systematically, it strengthens the natural protective barrier of the skin and increases the level of hydration. More here

The use of cosmetics becomes intuitive and simple now. A formed word by cosmetics one by one arranged, will be helpful – MAN α. The leader of his life and herds. Man with the great courage and determined, opened for the change of current skin care habits.

The BASIC set is dedicated to every man who wants to take care of the facial skin condition. High-quality cosmetics will make everyday care an effective pleasure.

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