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Wysyłamy zamówienia w 24 H
Zapłać wygodnie przez PayU lub przy odbiorze
Wysyłamy zamówienia w 24 H


This post is very special for us because with it we officially open a new stage in our lives. These few sentences are the culmination of our many months of hard work, also it is the ending of a certain stage and the beginning of a new one. What do we feel at that moment? Absolutely everything what is possible. But let's start from the beginning …

Two years ago, fate decided to cross our roads and combine into one. Belonging to people suffering from non-infectious disease: being super-creative people, we knew that we would not be a typical couple; we wanted extract something from our relationship, something „more” than just the necessary minimum. It sounds banal, but for us this resolution has become the foundation for a series of subsequent decisions and events. Have closed certain life stages, we decided to start something different, original and completely new. Without a clearly defined plan, we put our words into action and today we are in a place, we had never even dared to dream about before.

The world is changing, and with it customs, culture, approach and social consent. Wanting to be part of these changes, we found a niche that only recently began to develop rapidly. We decided to increase awareness of the sense of correct body care from the outside and from the inside, by writing to men. There are a whole lot of myths and superstitions about men's care; in addition, we are still witnessing the marginalization of men in terms of the availability of natural cosmetic products (just go to the first better store and look at the number of shelves filled with women's cosmetics, and then compare it with the part for men). We decided to do something about it by creating a blog. We were doing quite well, but we knew that something is missing here.

We have been circling about this topic for a year. We were discussing, calculating, considerating, then we started counting from the beginning again. We were discussing it indefinitely. We devoted ourselves entirely to this: we were educating ourselves in this direction, we were members of exhibiotion of the cosmetics supplying industry, we wrote dozens of e-mails to various companies, we conducted many conversations with smarter ones. Sometimes, when they threw us out the door, we would enter through the window.

~ Anna

The crucial moment was ordinary shopping in one of the store, when I realized that I will never buy my man the cosmetics I have imagined, because they do not exist. To buy them I would have to produce them first. I sat down over a sheet of paper and outlined a sketch of the cosmetic recipe. Not much later, when I shared my ideas with one of the man who is close to me, he joked, summarized my work, quenching his thirst with a golden, alcohol drink: „What if you could pour beer on the skin? Oh, that's a thought! There are cosmetic treatments based on beer, right? Imagine cosmetics made of what alcohol is made of … ” Then a light came on in my head. That was it. Thank you, Dad.


~ Kacper

Sometimes you know that if you do not do something right now, it will disappear forever. At first we had fun – we dressed our words in graphics and designs. We were like a small home printing house. We have constantly refined and sketched in search of „this something”. Once, we packed our projects and we went with them to Cosmetic Business Poland to search materials for printing labels. One of the French exhibitors could not believe that we are not a design agency, we work only for ourselves and we did everything ourselves. Finally, after many weeks of work, we managed to achieve and find ” this something”. We stood in front of our prototypes and knew that if we do not take the risk now, we will not dare to do it again.


A few weeks later, having ready ideas for recipes and graphics, we took a decisive step – we set up a company and started working with experienced and qualified people who helped us to realize our ideas. Saying that the beginnings are not the easiest, it's like saying nothing. First of all, undertaking such challange, requires patience and perseverance in pursuing the goal, because on this path lurking various limitations which must be faced by a budding cosmetics manufacturer with a limited budget. In addition, there have to pass long, tedious months of hard, lacy work, before the effect will be visible. A good comparison here is pregnancy – the child is already with us, but you have to wait until the birth to see the baby. Our cosmetic pregnancy lasted almost a year and it was a year full of various extreme emotions. From euphoria to complete depression. Because we are not interested in mediocrity, one of our „children” will appear a bit later than the others, but we guarantee that the final effect is worth it.

Today we are honored to show you the effect of our almost two-years work for the first time. Everything you can see and touch, we have designed and created ourselves. We are happy to share something that we have been testing ourselves for months. For now, our modest portfolio includes three (and soon will be joined by the already mentioned fourth!) exceptional preparations for the care of men's skin, but we hope that soon more cosmetics will appear in this group. There is no case in our products, everything we created was carefully thought out and made for the other person – we put in this project not only life savings, but we have closed all our feelings and heart into these few products. And we are convinced that your skin will feel it. Take a look at our store, they are already waiting for you!

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