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The differences between a woman and a man are visible to the naked eye and we often discover them at the early childhood stage when adults are not looking. Although we are similar, we differ from each other and have different requirements and needs. But does the term also apply to cosmetics?

Rather, not many of us wear our partner’s shoes every day or wear her underwear. Why, then, would we steal resources from their beauticians? The times when the concept of „masculine cosmetic” ended with soap and Brutal have long since passed, and cosmetology has gone much further. Cosmetics are no longer pre-assigned only to women, but they are divided, among others, due to sex. This separation is needed – which helps women, will not always serve a man and vice versa. Men’s cosmetics take into account the differences in the structure and functioning of the skin, which is largely influenced by androgens and testosterone. And besides, they rarely smell raspberry with peach;)

By creating our line of basic cosmetics for skin care, we have set the bar very high. Men perfectly know what they want and after listening to their problems and needs, we have created complete products that meet the needs and requirements of various types of men’s complexion.

The main difference between the facial skin of men and women is the facial hair that occurs in the former. Statistically, men spend an average of 140 days on shaving. In the course of this treatment, the blade causes micro-injuries to the epidermis and violates the protective layer of the skin. Unfortunately, many shaving guys use alcohol-based formulas, which intensify skin irritation, drying it even more. In addition, men’s skin, due to the larger number of sebaceous glands, is more greasy than the skin of women. It has its pros and cons: the plus is that the fat prevents excessive loss of water from the epidermis; minus – the tendency to acne changes increases.

Women do not need to shave on the face, because they do not have facial hair (if it appears, such a lady should visit the doctor as soon as possible), therefore their gels / lotions / cleaning foams are not well prepared in this direction. The same applies to the separation of sebum. Men’s, good cosmetics should be focused on regulating sebaceous glands that would prevent excessive glow. In addition, they should pay attention to a few very important aspects: counteract the bacteria living on the face, which can cause inflammation on the irritated skin shaving, while not having alcohol in the composition. In addition, they should soothe and regenerate irritated skin, moisturize, nourish and reduce the amount of sebum released. A few in one. Sounds unreal? Get to know our brand.

The gel for washing face and beard due to the active ingredients, has exactly the same multitasking action (for the effects of each ingredient, read HERE). Creating this preparation, we wanted to compose masculine and unprecedented cosmetic that would make men stop stealing cosmetics purifying their women. After yours opinions, we know that our assumption was successful!

Do you associate creams with a filter, which during the spreading leave a white glow and then mercilessly make and grease the skin? Yes, it was also our childhood horror, for which we hated these preparations. So we created a day cream, a cosmetic without the above drawbacks, containing sunscreens, which are used, among others, for the production of natural cosmetics. Radiation protection is SPF 15, which is the ideal height for daily year-round care, because this product will protect the skin from the negative effects of UV radiation, while not blocking the possibility of producing vitamin D in the skin that forms during sun exposure. In the composition of this cream, we also closed the matting, antioxidant, moisturizing and nourishing ingredients, which you can read about HERE.

After a whole day, just like us, the skin needs regeneration and rest. This is the time when it should be given a dose of active substances. Men’s skin is thicker than feminine and requires stronger action of these substances. In the cream for the night we closed their specific dose. Their operation is multidimensional: they repair what is damaged during the day, regenerate, nourish and moisturize. They will not wait until the skin begins to have more wrinkles, because they will prevent their creation. Nigdt cream is such a small agent who works intensively at night to improve skin condition, and you will learn more by going HERE. Applied with the cream under the eyes creates a whole. An interesting fact is that both preparations contain the same fragrance, with the difference that the cream for the night smells more delicate. Due to this, the fragrances do not „bite” with each other, and even subtly complement each other without disturbing sleep. Eye cream has active ingredients which stimulates circulation in the blood vessels and improves lymph flow. It is perfect for people who have dark circles under the eyes and wrinkles. It does not wait for the problems of the thinnest skin on the human face to appear – it prevents them from happening in advance. This inconspicuous bottle contains a nutrition and moisturizing bomb that you can read about HERE.

To minimize the amount of preservatives, our cosmetics are packed in airless packaging. These are packages that protect the cream from skin contact until it is applied. This results in the fact that the content of the cosmetic is clean, unaltered and uncontaminated microbiologically, because of this packaging, it is not possible to contaminate the cream with any bacterial flora.

KANN, as we have already mentioned many times, are cosmetics designed for men, for men and in response to their real needs. Their appearance and the action they offer are not accidental. Together with your help, we create our brand and we are happy that we can offer you the best.

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