Pokrzywa Urtica Dioica Leaf Extract

To niezwykłe, że do „pokrzyw” należy ponad 50 gatunków roślin rozproszonych po całej kuli ziemskiej. Ze względu na swoją popularność, jest ona od wieków obecna w medycynie naturalnej, a także coraz większą popularnością cieszy się także w kosmetologii. I nic w tym dziwnego. Właściwości pokrzywy można wyliczać dość długo, dlatego w trakcie projektowania receptury Żelu […]


The differences between a woman and a man are visible to the naked eye and we often discover them at the early childhood stage when adults are not looking. Although we are similar, we differ from each other and have different requirements and needs. But does the term also apply to cosmetics? Rather, not many […]


For several years, the trend of returning to the roots, to what is natural and forgotten has been repented. We are learning to appreciate what surrounds us, we feel in the philosophy of slow life, sometimes living extremely fast. More and more often we run away from the noise cities, somewhere where the world is […]


This post is very special for us because with it we officially open a new stage in our lives. These few sentences are the culmination of our many months of hard work, also it is the ending of a certain stage and the beginning of a new one. What do we feel at that moment? […]