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The popularity of black cosmetics is growing not only because of its color, but mainly because of its properties. Their action is multidirectional: active carbon has a porous structure and a negative electric charge, which is able to attract substances with a positive charge, for example, impurities or toxins. Due to it property, carbon was used only as an antidiarrhoeal drug, but for several years, it has also appeared in cosmetics, where it has many beneficial roles.

This natural, basic, building element of living organisms ingredients, perfectly absorbs unwanted substances even from the dermis layer. Cosmetics with active carbon purify pores, normalize sebum secretion, have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, soothe irritations and lighten shallow discolorations.

Cosmetics with carbon are dedicated primarily to oily, acne and mixed skin, which is ideal for the care of men's skins. Appropriately composed carbon in the preparation, absorbs odors, fights blackheads, refreshes the skin,  not irritating it and not violating its natural protective barrier. Importantly, it is not an allergenic ingredient.

Active carbon used in cosmetics can come from hard coal, brown coal, peat or wood. The charcoal we used to create our facial and beard gel comes from the very hard Ubame oak growing in the southern part of Japan and is called Binchō-tan. Traditionally, it is used during the tea ceremony and in Japanese cuisine. Only the upper part of the tree is used for the production of this component, but don't worry, the species of this plant is so lively that after cutting upper parts, roots and trunks quickly release further shoots. Moreover, because of the well-being of the ecosystem and the prevention of excessive exploitation and destruction of natural environment, the Japanese government ensures sustainable production.

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