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Over the years, the condition of the skin and its needs, change. And because not everyone knows the type of their skin (but everyone already remembers their age), to make life easier, cosmetics manufacturers have introduced numbers to the labels, suggesting a group of target users.

Creams under 20, so-called creams for teenagers. Usually have anti-acne ingredients with antibacterial properties and matting excessively glowing skin.

Creams +20, moisturizing and nourishing the skin. Matrically, it’s the best time, because we do not fight acne anymore, we have firm skin and the only thing we have to do, is maintaining this effect (in theory, the practice often shows that the reality is completely different).

Creams +30, contain more anti-wrinkles, regenerating substances, reducing redness and discoloration.

Creams +40, usually cosmetics from this age group are the best, because of the large amounts of active ingredients that stimulate, support and care for the condition of the skin.

Creams +50 and more, because in this period the process of sebum production disappears, these creams are more greasy, nourishing, tightening, moisturizing and eliminating visible discolorations.


This division is quite logical and functional. An older, dry skin doesn’t need astringent and anti-seborrheic ingredients that are present in preparations for teens. Also, does not make much sense to treat young skin with strongly regenerating creams. Nevertheless, this facilitation is … artificial. Often, there are cosmetics dedicated to a certain age group, which, in fact, contain a small amount of active ingredients and, unfortunately, the only thing they can help is getting rid of money from the wallet. It’s quite brutal, but in the cosmetics world the amount of active ingredients often translates into the quality of the preparation.

It is true that in every decade of life we have different needs, however, certain features and problems can occur at any stage, such as: acne, dry, hypersensitive skin, premature wrinkles or sun spots. In these situations, the rule of numbers on the label does not work. Using cosmetics look like wearing clothes: not every high school student wears the S size and not everyone will fit in the XL being fifties. This division, which is useful in many cases, is also inserting into frames, drawers designed to help in the selection of cosmetics. Our needs are often beyond rigid ranges, they are a need resulting from the condition and condition of the skin, not age.

When we were creating our cosmetics, we took this division to heart and decided to create something that will go out any frame and will not allow to hide into a drawer. We have created cosmetics that are a response to male needs and needs of their skin. We wanted our preparations, through a very rich composition of active ingredients, to comprehensively care for and nurture the masculine skin regardless of age. Their composition has been carefully thought out and designed to remedy men’s face problems. In this way, due to ingredients used for production, the preparations will not forget about moisturizing and nourishing acne skin and in mature skin, in addition to regeneration, will help fight microbes.

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