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Rice, after wheat, is mass consumed all over the world. Its place in Asia is so important that it has a real impact on the existing language and dialect – in classical Chinese speech, the term „rice” also means „agriculture”. In various official languages and local sayings, the word „eat” is synonymous with the phrase „eat rice”, and in oriental systematics „rice” and „meal” are used alternately. In Japan, besides the sushi base, it is the main ingredient in the alcohol drink – sake,  made from fermented rice. In traditional medicine, it is used as an anti-flatulent and soothing agent. Cooked can be used as a compress on the skin, acting anti-inflammatory and analgesic on abscesses or boils. Too frequent consumption, due to the high amount of fiber, may work gently laxative.

In addition to medical significance, rice is also used in cosmetology. Due to the rich amount of proteins, amino acids and essential unsaturated fatty acids, it is a moisturizing substance, improving the elasticity and smoothing. Rice is not a component that causes contact allergy. Due to the contained oil, it softens and protects the skin against excessive loss of water from the epidermis, soothing inflammation as well.

It is a source of phytosterols: has a protective effect against cancer. Moreover, it has the property of neutralizing heavy metals. The rice penetrates deep into the skin and works in a level where many ingredients do not reach; it improves blood circulation, reduce dark circles under the eyes and accelerates the growth of skin cells. Due to the high amount of vitamin E (colloquially called the vitamin of youth), it supports the proper transport of water to cells and facilitates the scavenging of free radicals, responsible for aging. It is the perfect ingredient regardless of the type of skin: it is very delicate, has a light texture, does not clog pores, is very easy to absorb while leaving no greasy layer.

We hope after this brief characterization, you will like the rice not only on the plate, but you will find its beneficial properties in our night cream.

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